Two Peas In A Pod: John Travolta's Beautiful Daughter Ella Bleu Is The Spitting Image Of Her Father

Date August 15, 2019

John Travolta is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, as his roles in various films such as Grease and Pulp Fiction left fans falling in love with his on-screen aura. Off the screen, however, the incredibly talented actor has also bee successful. He is a proud father and a good husband.

Once John gave his audience a rare treat as he was spotted boarding the world-famous Orient Express with Ella Bleu and Ben in tow. He looked happy.

Ella Bleu Travolta looks like her father

While the Golden Globe winner has been fiercely private in the past, he truly appeared to enjoy the company of his children as he stepped away from professional obligations for some quality family time. Whereas Travolta was flanked by both his children with him, for fans who adore him, his daughter Ella Bleu attracted more attention as she appears to be taking after his father as his own spitting image.

Ella Bleu, who locked herself in her father’s protective arms the entire time seemed to mirror the screen giant, as she looks just like him.

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Once her mom shared photos of the mommy-daughter duo on Instagram, and people began to comment on how much she resembles both her dad and mom. Many fans mentioned their shared features.

One lady, Ann @ loveisone4ever wrote:

She’s beautiful just like mommy and Daddy ❣️

Another user, @ mxi1972 added:

Beautiful! I can see her daddy in her too! Awesome beauty

And @anacondeprieto ewmarked:

She’s exactly like her father

From their shared dark hair, almond-shaped eyes, full eyebrows, and a matching smile, nothing seems to separate Travolta from his beautiful daughter. Ella Blue added to her shared features with her dad as she followed in his footsteps as a Hollywood actress in the film, The Poison Rose. She always wanted to be an actress like her father.

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John Travolta is a proud dad

The actor and his wife Kelly Preston, who co-starred as husband and wife in crime film Gotti are proud of what their grown-up daughter has become. After John opened his Instagram account, he posted a picture of him and Kelly and wrote:

Our daughter Ella finally convinced us to be on Facebook and Instagram. So, here we are!

John and Kelly have been married for more than 25 years and they are still happy. The couple share a great love for their kids, who are a major source of pride and inspiration.

John and his wife are great parents, their children are so loved and the family looks happy. Truly, the Travolta family is inspirational, as it is proof that with love, affection, and understanding, families can support each other and achieve greatness.

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