Kaley Cuoco's Marriage Is 'Unconventional': She And Her Husband Karl Cook Don't Live Together And Have Separate Routines

Date October 23, 2019 19:17

You probably heard about Kaley Cuoco, as she is a popular actress. But what about her personal life? Is Kaley Cuoco married?

The famous actress began dating the son of equestrian billionaire Scott Cook, Karl in 2016. He popped the question on her 32nd birthday. After less than a year of being engaged, they got married on June 30, 2018. Since then, life's been fun and pleasant for them. However, there might be one hitch!

The happy couple already celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary. Kaley talked to Extra TV about her upcoming voicing project of Harley Quinn. She then revealed how she spent the special day with her sweetheart. Kaley Cuoco's husband Karl Cook gifted her a stunning ring and the lovebirds enjoyed a vegetarian dinner at Taco Bell. So sweet!

Why Kaley Cuoco isn't living with her husband Karl Cook

During an interview with E! Online, the Big Bang Theory star dropped a bomb on us that we did not see coming. Kaley revealed that she and her husband are not living together.

They have two different locations that they're at a lot. Conflicting schedules, busy regimes, and other commitments have separated the wonderful duo. She herself called her marriage with him "unconventional".

However, even if it is still working well for then, this arrangement is not permanent. Kaley and Karl believe they should wake next to each other every morning. She said:

We are building our dream house. We're eventually gonna be under the same roof forever.

Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook are happy together

Their current situation might not look very good but, their bond is strong. Kaley and Karl's relationship is beyond diamonds and mansions. While exchanging vows in a horse stable, the pair looked perfect and happy.

Karl often embarrasses his wife on social media and she playfully takes revenge. We can't get over their cuteness!

Kaley Cuoco's marriage looks great. As long as Kaley and Karl are happy, we say more power to them!

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