Biracial Couple's Strikingly Beautiful Baby Girl With Unusual Look Is A Perfect Combination Of Both Her Parents

Date October 22, 2019 18:25

On February 11, 2015, former NFL player, Michael Bennet, and his wife, Katie, welcomed their bundle of joy to this world.

Interestingly, their daughter, whom they named Kaia Rose, is a product of two races, and she is just so beautiful!

Kaia's mom, Katie, is white while her dad Michael is African-American, and it appears as though little Kaia is the best of both worlds.

A fun fact is that Kaia was actually born before her due date, but apparently, it was because she was done developing in the womb.

What parent does Kaia resemble?

Most children take after one parent or the other in the facial department but not Kaia as it seems she could not make up her mind.

Kaia's beauty is absolutely heart-melting. She is the perfect combination of both her parents!

Little Kaia has her mother's beautiful eyes, combined with her father's curly hair to give quite an adorable effect.

Katie shares photos of her baby girl almost every day, and fans are totally in love with the little girl so much that Katie opened an Instagram account for her daughter.

Already, Kaia works as a child model for various brands, and fans are convinced that she will be successful as an adult.

Fans thoughts on Kaia's appearance

For the Bennett family, it is always a favorite pastime to try and decide who baby Kaia looks more like, her mum or her dad.

And just recently, they did it again with Katie posting a grided picture of herself, Michael and little Kaia on her Instagram page.

Fans could not wait to air their opinions as hundreds took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One fan, @positive_ele15, commented:

"She has her daddy features, but her mom's beautiful green eyes."

Another @aleks_beska wrote:

"Eyes, lips, and hair color, Mom. Everything else, Dad."

@mariaaiisabel suggested:

"Combination between both! I see both of you in her."