Bobby Darin Was Devastated When He Learned His 'Sister' Was Actually His Mom

Date January 17, 2020 14:16

Legendary singer Bobby Darin lived his life to the fullest. He knew he didn’t have long, as his heart was seriously damaged by rheumatic fever when he was a child. Knowing he wouldn’t get to grow old, Bobby tried to accomplish as much as he could in whatever time he had left.

In December 1973, the singer developed sepsis, which damaged his already weak heart even further. His heart gave out on December 20. He was only 37.

Bobby’s personal life continues to pique his fans’ interest to this day. The most intriguing parts of it include his ill-fated marriage to Sandra Dee and his relationship with Connie Francis. However, the most unusual thing that could happen to him happened much earlier than any of his romantic relationships.

The secret of Bobby’s birth, and how it changed him

Bobby was born in 1936 when the views on marriage and childbirth were much more conservative than they are now. He was raised by his mom Polly and Nina, his older sister, or so he thought.

As Bobby’s son Dodd wrote in his memoir, Dream Lovers, the singer didn’t learn the true identity of his mother until he was 32, and he was shocked and devastated when he finally did.

Bobby’s 'older sister' Nina was actually his mother, and his 'mom' Polly was his grandmother. Nina became pregnant with him when she was 17, and the identity of his father was never revealed.

The same thing happened to actor Jack Nicholson, but his reaction was different!

Shaken by the revelation, Bobby tried to be a better dad, despite his moral failings, Dodd recalled in his book.

Making the most of it

Bobby died when his son was about to turn 12. In an interview with Skip E. Lowe, Dodd described his relationship with dad as “very special.”

Dodd recalled:

[Dad] was going out of his way to spend as much time with me as possible, to instill in me some values, and he never forgot where he came from.

Of course, it is rather understandable that Bobby Darin was so shocked and devastated when he found out that the older sister Nina was actually his mother, and his mom Polly was his grandmother. He was already an adult at that moment, and it seemed to be impossible to change the perception of reality. Although son Dodd didn’t think his dad treated his mom right, but he loved him anyway. Guess Bobby did something right in raising him, after all!