Lisa Marie Presley's Twin Daughters Bare More Resembles To Elvis As They Grow Up

Date January 20, 2020

Lisa Marie Presley is known by the many rumors and scandals surrounding her name. However, there is one side of her that not many get to see - a doting mother. Lisa Marie gave birth to twin girls in October 2008.

Being a mother

She and her former husband, musician Michael Lockwood, named their beautiful daughters Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood.

It’s evident that the girls inherited the best features of their talented parents but we can’t help but notice how much they look like their legendary grandpa, Elvis Presley.

Pretty young ladies

Harper and Finley are still pretty young but when we look at their adorable faces, we definitely see some resemblance with Elvis Presley.

What we can say for sure is that the beautiful girls will surely do some modeling in the future with such a striking appearance.

They also might follow their parents’ footsteps and conquer the music industry as music surely runs in their blood.

Lisa Marie actually has 4 kids and she says that her children are the main purpose in her life. She has 2 more children from her marriage to her first husband, also a musician, Danny Keough. Presley seems to have a type, hasn’t she?

Lisa Marie and Danny have a daughter, Danielle Riley, and a son, Benjamin. Even though Presley’s life was filled with drama and difficulties, she claims that her 4 kids are “the reason she’s alive.”

Her eldest children helped her to go through the hard times and now she is devoted to making their lives as happy as she can. Lisa Marie's kids are all beautiful and happy to have such a caring mom! And it is hard not to agree with the fact that twin daughters bare more resemblence to Elvis as they grow up.