Olivia Newton-John Remembers How She Spent Her 70th Birthday In A Hospital Experiencing Much Pain

Date December 18, 2019

Olivia Newton-John made a heartbreaking revelation. It appears the actress spent her 70th birthday in a hospital due to cancer pain.

Olivia Newton-John’s birthday

Olivia Newton-John is a real fighter. The Grease star could defeat breast cancer three times. In 2019, Olivia revealed that her cancer has returned but she believes she can go through this one more time.

In September 2019, Olivia Newton-John celebrated her 71st birthday. Looking at this beautiful and forever-young woman, we can say that age has no power over her.

Olivia received a lot of warm wishes from her fans and friends. Her Grease co-star John Travolta also congratulated the actress on her special milestone.

Happy Birthday @therealonj !

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However, Olivia’s previous birthday wasn’t as rainbow and joyful. In her latest interview with ET, the actress confessed that she spent her 70th birthday in a hospital because of severe pain amid cancer battle.

The actress said:

I was in a lot of pain and I ended up being a patient on my 70th birthday in a hospital.

Olivia then added:

It sounds strange to say, but it was really a gift because I got to experience what I helped create.

Olivia Newton-John's cancer battle

Currently, Olivia Newton-John is having a cancer treatment. Her family and her beloved daughter, in particular, support the star amid her ongoing cancer battle.

Olivia admits:

I know what the statistics are. But I put them away. I'm gonna live longer than that. I've made that decision.

Olivia Newton-John is such a strong woman, as she never gives up no matter what! She could defeat cancer before and we believe she can do it again!