How Similar They Look! Rod Stewart's Grown Up Son Sean Is A Carbon Copy Of His Legendary Father

Date November 28, 2019

Besides being a legendary singer and songwriter, Rob Steward is also a proud father. On this snap, the British star posed with his boys as he ventured for a tour of Canada.

The star has been spending a lot of time with his family but it’s evident that out of all Steward sons, Sean resembles him the most.

Father’s copy

Sean is Rob’s son from the singer’s first marriage to Alana Hamilton Stewart. He previously talked about his famous father sharing that there is one thing Rob is an expert in – getting the ladies.

Sean shared that his dad is a master of seduction and he learned a lot from him. He explained:

My dad gives me lots of advice in many areas of my life, including getting girls. He says to me, ‘You need to make a girl laugh, charm her, make her feel beautiful, make her feel special and be a gentleman... then you’re in.

Sean admits that the proof of his dad’s magic way with women is his beautiful stepmoms. Well, considering that he looks a lot like his dad, we are certain Sean hasn’t struggled in this area either.

Stewart junior had quite a rocky past, making headlines with his arrests and struggles with addiction, but now he’s starting from ‘the clean slate.’ Sean has his own reality TV show, which features his mother and his sister, Kimberly Stewart.

Sean is very proud of his family and says he has an amazing father. We wish Sean best of luck in his endeavors!

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