Barack Obama's Brother Malik Asks Whether Michelle Is A Michael, Fueling The Controversial Theory

Date November 13, 2019 18:09

Malik Obama is the older brother of the former American president and quite a controversial figure. While Barack has made his name known thanks to his successful business and political career, Malik is famous for being involved in a few major scandals.

Barack’s older sibling was married 12 times in his life. Moreover, he also was accused of domestic abuse by one of his wives.

It seems that Malik simply has an affinity for creating a big noise around his name. And recently, he did it again by posting a controversial tweet.

Controversy theory

Malik Obama took to his social media to post a question about the former First Lady. He tweeted:

Is Michelle Michael?

By posting such a tweet, he fueled a controversial theory that has been going on for quite a while now, which states that Michelle Obama is a transgender. First, it was mentioned by the comedian and actress Joan Rivers.

During one of her interviews, she was asked whether she believed the US will ever have a gay or female president, to which she said that it’s already happened as Michelle Obama is a “transgender.”

The radio host, Alex Jones, backed River’s words by claiming that the former First Lady is “a man.”

Nonetheless, both of them later apologized. What do you think about their controversial words?

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