George Clooney Says His Adorable Twins Already Do Pranks: "They Laugh A Lot"

Date December 12, 2019 15:53

George Clooney didn't think of getting married after the painful divorce and moreover, having children. But when beautiful and big-hearted Amal Clooney entered his life, the actor readily changed his mind.

The couple got married eventually and had twins — Ella and Alexander. Both George and Amal are having their heads in the clouds both as life partners and doting parents.

Well, that's fun!

In the exclusive interview at Entertainment Tonight, George Clooney admitted Ella and Alexander are already great at pulling pranks!

They're not terrible twos. They're good kids. They're happy kids. They laugh a lot. They do pranks already. Put peanut butter on their shoes so that it looks like poo-poo on their shoes and stuff, and they think that's funny.

Well, well, well. It happens the Clooney twins are gradually taking after their dear father. They have inherited both his charming appearance and personality.

They're just completely different personalities and they're fun and smart, and, I mean, they already can — you know, do all their ABCs in Italian and in English and I can't do that in English.

Clooney also praised his wife for being wonderful and brilliant. There's nothing George dislikes about Amal and therefore, he is very happy with her.

Significant changes

Twins Ella and Alexander became the kids the couple wanted so much. Even though George and Amal met each other quite late in their lives, they are happy to share children together.

The high-profile actor has revealed several times how much fatherhood has changed his life to the core. George isn't afraid to do routine and dirty work and is ready to do anything for Ella and Alexander.

Well, aren't the Clooneys relationship goals?!

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