Tom Hanks' Fame Means Nothing To His Granddaughters As They Have No Clue Their Grandpa Is Famous

Date November 13, 2019

Tom Hanks is a great guy, there is no denying. But he also might be the coolest grandpa around. Even his wife, Rita Wilson, humbly admitted that they are simply “cool grandparents.”

Why? Just because everyone who has ever encountered Tom will tell you he is super nice and funny. But he also has the privilege of being one of the most recognized actors in the world.

However, his grandchildren, apparently, have no idea about that.

Just a grandpa

Tom Hanks’ son, Colin, revealed to US Weekly, that his daughters have no clue that their grandpa is famous. His hard-earned fame means absolutely nothing to them.

Colin said:

They don’t care about him at all.

He shared that with his daughters Tom is just a normal grandparent, who spoil them with presents and make them laugh. Colin shared:

The grandparent gives them stuff they shouldn’t be having, and the grandparents don’t listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing.

Hanks’ son believes that children don’t care about their parents and grandparents’ occupation and achievements, which make them “great humblers.”

Tom actually has 3 of those 'humblers': Colin's daughters Olivia and Charlotte, and his son Chet's daughter Michaiah.

We still think that Hanks is cool because, despite his extremely successful career, he has stayed true to himself and has never been blinded by fame. He is the role model his kids and grandkids are fortunate to have in their lives.

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