Gayle King Admitted She Is Not "A Huge Fan" Of The Woman She Caught With Her Now Ex-Husband

Date December 19, 2019

Many couples marry in hopes of spending the rest of their lives together. Sadly, not all unions have a forever-ending. And this was the case for TV personality Gayle King and the man who's now her ex-husband William Bumpus.

Gayle King Admitted She Is Not "A Huge Fan" Of The Woman She Caught With Her Now Ex-HusbandGetty Images / Ideal Image

Gayle and William, an attorney, were married between 1982 and 1993. They have two kids together.

A heartbreaking affair

Gayle King once admitted the devastating experience to best friend Oprah Winfrey during the latter's video series The OG Chronicles.

Oprah told the CBS anchor that walking in and seeing her husband in a compromising position with someone that was supposed to be her friend may have scarred Gayle and kept her from opening up to new friends.

Oprah said:

Remember you had that friend who slept with your husband, and when you found her, you said, "I thought you were my friend."

The so-called friend wasn't even remorseful at Gayle's accusation. She recalled;

She said, "I never liked you."

Gayle first opened up about the shocking experience during an interview with Vanity Fair where she was asked; "Which living person do you most despise?"

While admitting that 'despise' was a strong word, she revealed that she wasn't "a huge fan" of the woman she caught with her husband in 1990.

Gayle's personal life

Even though the experience must have hurt Gayle terribly, she hasn't completely rejected the idea of being involved with another man. During a stint as a guest co-host on The Talk, Gayle opened up about what she was looking for in a partner.

She said she wanted someone who could make her life, who was intelligent and who she could have intellectual conversations with.

Gayle King might have been unlucky in love, but her career is certainly thriving. And from the sounds of things, she still has hope of getting her happily-ever-after.