Patrick Swayze's Brother Don On Late Actor’s Attempts To Escape Problems: "Instead Of Going The Other Way, He Sort Of Went Down"

Date December 9, 2019 17:03

For most of us, Patrick Swayze was the sexiest man in Hollywood. With his on-screen charm and perfect body, Swayze could make any woman drool with no effort.

However, behind the scenes, the late actor battled with addiction. Now his brother is opening up about the Hollywood star’s struggles.

His lookalike brother

The genes of breathtakingly good looks and striking talent certainly do run in the Swayzes family. The actor’s brother Donald Carl Swayze bears an extraordinary resemblance to the 80s teen idol, Patrick Swayze.

Asides from his handsome looks, Don has chosen to devote his life to acting. And he has made remarkable achievements in the movie industry. Patrick’s brother who made his first steps in acting back in the 80s has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Patrick’s battle with addiction

Swayze’s struggle began with the death of two close members of his family. The Dirty Dancing star lost his sister, Vicky, to suicide and his father also passed suddenly.

The actor took the news of his sister’s death badly as he had lost his dad a few years before then. The loss of two people really shook him to the core. According to his brother, Don the actor was very quiet when his father passed.

In order to find comfort and normalize the trauma, the star actor turned to alcohol to escape his problems, a decision that changed his future forever. Speaking to Closer Weekly about Patrick’s struggle with addiction, Don said:

My older brother started drinking and instead of going the other way, he sort of went down the path that my father went down. He would have a few drinks himself, start tearing ass in his Delorian on the windy streets of Mulholland. He was in a really bad way and it was dangerous with him driving. Of course, it was very upsetting for me to see him hurting himself this way.

Patrick Swayze's second brother, Sean slammed the actor’s widow Lisa Niemi after she granted an interview. Lisa had mentioned in the candid conversation that her late husband was abused by his family, including his own mother Patsy.

Speaking to Radar, Sean said his family has never done anything like that and nobody has ever been involved in domestic violence.

It is quite clear that Patrick took his father and sister’s death really hard, and it took him a while to get his act together.

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