Chuck Norris Has 5 Talented Children, And Some Of Them Have Already Followed In His Footsteps

Date January 22, 2020

Carlos Ray Norris Jr., or simply Chuck Norris, is an American actor and Hollywood star, best known for starring in action movies (Firewalker, The Hitman, Walker, Texas Ranger, etc.) due to his martial arts skills and talent.

Chuck Norris Has 5 Talented Children, And Some Of Them Have Already Followed In His FootstepsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Even though Chuck Norris is often deemed a typical martial artist, he is, in fact, a doting father, who considers his children to be the most essential people in his life.


Little is known about all the ins and outs of Norris's family. He was married to Dianne Holechek, but the two called it quits after 30 years of marriage. Now Chuck has a second wife, Gena O'Kelley. Anyhow, all you need to know is that he is a proud father of 5 children. Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Michael Ray 'Mike' Norris

He is the first-born son in Chuck's previous marriage with Dianne. Mike followed in his dad's footsteps and also became an actor, starring in roughly 30 movies. Besides, he also starred and directed movies I Am Gabriel and Amerigeddon.

He and his wife, Valerie, own 2nd Fiddle Entertainment Film Studio. The couple has 3 children: daughter, Hannah, and twins, Greta and Max.

2. Dina DeCioli

She was born as a result of Chuck Norris's affair with a woman named Joanna. The martial artist even didn't know about his daughter's existence until she was 26 years old, though Dina claims that she has known him not only as a martial fighter guru but a papa since she was 16.

DeCioli wrote a letter to Norris explaining her reasons for staying out of his life. Simply put, she didn't want to ruin his family at that time, but the actor insisted on meeting her. Dina is a mother to model Dante DiCiolli, pictured with his grandfather.

3. Eric Scott Norris

Another son of Chuck Norris and Dianne Holechek. Eric made his profile in Hollywood by becoming a stuntman and then a coordinator. He grew into an assistant director role and is now a blossoming director. Eric is also racing into and won several competitions.

Along with his wife, Stephanie, they have 4 lovely children: 3 daughters, Camrynn, Chloe, Chantz, and a son Cash.

4-5. Danilee Kelly and Dakota Alan Norris

The fraternal twins are the first children for Chuck and his current wife, Gena. Both siblings were prematurely born 2 months before their due date and thus had to remain the first 3 months in the intensive care unit.

Dakota made up his mind about his acting career, just like his pops. His on-screen role was in the movie Yes Dear, alongside his mother, father, and twin sister. Danilee also starred in movies Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire as Angela, Walker's daughter.

Life as a grandfather

As it might be clear from the above-mentioned children, the eldest ones are already fathers to 3 or more offspring. It makes Chuck Norris a proud grandad.

What a huge clan! Big families are great, especially when everybody keeps in touch and remains on good terms. Chuck Norris is so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family!