Mark Ruffalo Didn't Tell His Then-Pregnant Wife He Had A Brain Tumor But It Made Her Stressed Out Even More

Date November 27, 2019 18:29

The 'Hulk' Mark Ruffalo thankfully survived his brain tumor back in 2001, and what is odder, it was somehow seen in his dream. Besides, he had to keep his health issues in secret not to make his then-pregnant wife worried and scared.

Years ago, the Hollywood star had a bizarre dream, in which he discovered he had a tumor. Since that night, Mark couldn't sleep or think rationally about anything, and so, he went to see a doctor.

Healthcare professionals agreed to run some checkups and found out that Ruffalo had an acoustic neuroma with the size of a walnut. Though the immediate surgery eradicated the tumor, he suffered from facial paralysis and had to put his thriving career on hold, but thankfully, everything came back to normal.

Some may find the following story disturbing or wrong; some may see it kind of sentimental and even romantic. When the Spotlight star found out about a brain tumor, he decided not to tell it to his then-pregnant wife, Sunrise Coigney.

Talking to Men's Journal, Mark Ruffalo recalled how he tried to keep shocking news from his sweetheart, who was carrying their first-ever baby together. He was worried about the stress she would have gotten and decided to do anything to keep her away from it.

Nonetheless, the Avengers: End Game star couldn't keep it for a long time. He used to tell absolutely everything to Sunrise, so after all, he didn't want her to be even more anxious and bared his heart. She saw that something was going wrong, and it made her concerned and stressed out even more at the time.

Together, Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney are proud parents of three lookalike children. The couple has a son, Keen, and two daughters, Bella and Odette.

Their kids have already starred in several movies, and it seems like they must be considering the acting career in Hollywood as their famous parents.

We always do something to protect our beloved ones, even if it means hiding our pain. However, it makes the situation even worse, because their hearts feel how much we suffer in silence.

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