Lasting Love! Dr. Oz's Wife Lisa Shares What Keeps Their Marriage Strong And Happy: "We Try Not To Take Each Other For Granted"

Date November 8, 2019

Dr. Oz is a well-known heart surgeon who gained fame after starring in 'The Dr. Oz Show.' But what about his personal life? Is Dr.Oz married? Who is his wife?

Today, we're talking about the romance of Dr. Mehmet Oz and his fellow television and radio personality, Lisa Oz.

Dr. Oz's wife on the secret of their long-lasting marriage

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, the health expert joked that their relationship was "sort of an arranged marriage" but it's not a joke whatsoever. His and Lisa's parents were close friends, and they were the ones who introduced the future spouses to each other. As a result, Dr. Oz and his wife got married in 1985, having outlasted most celebrity unions.

Dr. Oz and Lisa obviously connect on multiple levels. Mehmet's sweetheart once shared the secret to their long-lasting marriage and what makes their relationship strong.

One of the things, I think, that has kept us together is the fact that we never get bored of each other, but more importantly, we try not to take each other for granted, and when we are appreciative and grateful for our relationships, it keeps little things in perspective.

Though arranged marriages rarely work, the Ozes are the perfect testament of its 'success'. After 7 months of dating, Mehmet realized that Lisa was someone that he didn't want to live without, so he "chased her down the street, picked up a tab from an aluminum can that was on the ground" and said, "let me marry you." How adorable!

The couple has always been happy, committed, and proud of each other. Their long-lasting marriage has produced four children: three daughters, Daphne, Arabella Sezen, and Zoe Yasemin, as well as a son, Oliver Mustafa.

It is noteworthy that Mehmet and Lisa's first-born child Daphe's birth was not easy, as she almost died. Nonetheless, the doctors saved the situation, and she was able to lead a normal childhood. She and the rest of her siblings grew up in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

The Oz family is wonderful! They all seem so attached and close to each other and we are surely happy for their idyllic life. Dr. Oz and Lisa know how to keep their relationship strong and happy! And what do you think? Do you agree?

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