Fans Lambaste Janet Jackson Over Her Baby's Skin Tone: She "Faked A Pregnancy Like Beyonce Did"

Date November 25, 2019

There are many wonders in the world, and one of them is giving birth to babies. Every pregnancy is special and every journey to parenthood is unique.

Today, more and more women decide to have children later in their lives and Janet Jackson isn't an exception. She was having her first baby at the age of 50!

Fans Lambaste Janet Jackson Over Her Baby's Skin Tone: She "Faked A Pregnancy Like Beyonce Did"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Janet Jackson's son Elissa

News of Jackson’s pregnancy first surfaced in April 2016 when she had to postpone her tour. However, she denied it. By October of that year, the star featured in an exclusive photo for People, that showed her baby bump.

On January 3, 2017, baby Eissa was born to Janet and her husband, Wissam Al Mana.

Indeed, having a child at 50 is rare, but it is possible. However, many social media users believe it is unreal, and have a theory to back their speculations.

Fans speculate that Janet Jackson's baby isn’t her biological son

Twitter fans have let all hell loose with claims that the singer didn’t give birth to her son because of his remarkably different skin tone.

While Janet is black, Eissa is Middle Eastern, and many are confused about how her son is white.

Below are some of their comments:

Expert’s opinion

While it might Janet's age at the time of Eissa's birth that gave rise to these speculations, Dr. Lama Tolaymat, a Florida-based OB/GYN, explains to Elite Daily that it is possible for women to get pregnant later in life.

Although Janet might have tried for years to have a baby, Dr. Lama confirms that a spontaneous pregnancy can happen at the age of 49.

Regardless of his skin tone, there is no denying the joy he brings to his mother, and that is what should be celebrated! Baby Eissa looks so adorable. We wish him health and happiness and joy!

We believe that everyone has the right to privacy, so whatever we think about Janet's son keep our opinions to ourselves. Do you agree? What do you think?

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