A Glimpse Inside Jamie And Jools Oliver's 16th-Century Mansion: People Are Impressed By Its $7.4 Million Splendor

Date November 13, 2019 18:08

Jamie Oliver is truly living in style and luxury considering that he and his family have moved into a 16th-century mansion.

According to The Sun, The Friday Night Feast chef and his wife Jools were excited to make the move to their luxury home which reportedly cost £6 million (about $7.4 million).

However, it was reported that Jamie was a little spooked by the mansion due to some strange things going on in the nursery.

A source revealed that the family fell in love with the mansion when they just saw it but Jamie wasn't immediately sold because of the top-floor nursery "which is said to be haunted."

The source said:

There’s a rocking horse there which, legend has it, starts rocking and creaking during the night.

Moving in

Eventually, the family's love for the home must have won over their skepticism because the Oliver family did relocate to the country home located in Essex.

Fans got their first glimpse of the interior of the new family home when Jools posted a picture of their three-year-old son River standing in what looked to be the kitchen.

The stoned tiled floor and wood paneling wall gave an idea of the structural design of the place.

In a photo of River, he was snapped in what appeared to be a playroom for himself and his siblings. The child looked quite adorable in his 'stay weird' shirt and super cute face.

Another photo shared by Jools showed daughter Daisy studying on a lush grass outside of the home.

Fans approve

Social media users have shared comments about what they think of the Oliver home.

Nigel Xeno Halling dropped a thought about the house being haunted.

Michael Bowe and Anna Barbara Niven complimented the home.

While Mark Tienan gave a nice description.

Haunted or not, this mansion sure looks downright gorgeous and we bet the kids are having a great time in it.

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