Beautiful Inside And Out: Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Pays $9,014,000 For An Amazing 46-Acre Mansion

Date December 6, 2019

Dwayne Johnson rose to fame as a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where his alias as The Rock was heroic in the ring. Since then, he threw his hat into the ring as an actor, making himself well-known in Hollywood.

Estimates place Johnson’s net worth at $320 million, a large sum that highlights his great achievements as an ordinary man who worked hard to earn his fame and fortune.

Dwayne Johnson buys a new mansion

After hard work, comes fun and relaxation and Dwayne Johnson decided to flex his “pocket muscles” by purchasing a Georgia estate sitting on 46.3 acres!

According to the TMZ, the luxurious French country manor is a masterpiece that boasts 14,791 square feet of space, 8 bedrooms, and gorgeous walnut floors.

Other features of the house indoors include a kitchen fitted with the latest high-end equipment, a bathroom with its own fireplace, a giant tub, and a wine cellar. Are you impressed?

The outdoors are literally on another level as the spacious home includes a pool, a pool house, a 12-stall barn, a riding arena with a viewing deck, and a historic farmhouse built in 1867 for the property’s caretakers.

What is so remarkable about the estate? The fact that according to reports Dwayne Johnson might have paid it all in cash, of course!

Fans are happy for Dwayne Johnson

To most fans, The Fast and Furious star's purchase was an incredible fete and people agreed that he deserves it. Here are some comments.

Erin Gentry: Awesome! He's got enough room for when we come visit.

Susan Yelenik: Looks beautiful!! Who is going to clean all those windows??

Tommy Pewo: He earned every penny since day one....I only wish me and my brothers and everybody in the world could be as persistent as this man and then we can all strive to accomplish our day one goals and just to live and love one another on this great place we call earth. 💯🤟🏽❤️

Chance Dearing: Nice area. Right outside the city. Out of all the places around Atlanta he could've chosen, he actually picked a good spot!

What do we have to say to Dwayne Johnson? Great job and welcome home! Do you like Dwayne Johnson's estate? Share your thoughts in comments.