"I Feel Like Mama": Julianne Hough, Who Once Wanted To Have 4 Children With Her Husband, Isn't Hurrying Anymore

Date November 14, 2019

When "America's Got Talent" judge Julianne Hough and her NHL hockey player husband Brooks Laich got married, they hoped to fulfill their longtime dream of having children.

Julianne Hough wanted to have kids

Laich told US Weekly they chose IVF to increase the couple's chances. He added that people should perceive the procedure that way instead of with "shame or guilt."

The truth is that Julianne has shared her endometriosis struggles. The common condition affects one in 10 women and can impact fertility. And while the couple reportedly did their best to overcome the disease, something has changed since then.

In her interview, Julianne Hough revealed that her attitude toward having children isn't the same and she's not in a rush to start a family at this point of her life.

Today the woman said that while in the past people have coped with the pressure to start having children after getting married, she enjoys the freedom to go at her own pace -- and extend her maternal skills to contestants on the show. She said:

I mean, we're living in a different time now where that was an old paradigm of what is expected

Julianne Hough says she feels like a mamma

It's well known that Julianne is always very supportive of others and simply loves people and communicating with them. Moreover, she admitted that she feels like a mamma to the show participants.

I mean, people are my favorite thing in the world, I love people more than anything and I don't have kids of my own but I feel like mama...

It actually remains unknown what influenced her desire to start a family with her husband.

I'd probably want to start our family in the next 10 years

The TV star added.

We'll see how it goes, what happens. We both wanted four [kids at first] and now we're like, 'Let's just take it one at a time.'

Moreover, the TV celebrity recently experienced the loss of her beloved ones. Julianne Hough's dogs passed away on the same day. She said the two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels died on September 28, but did not disclose how. Well, we hope Julianne overcame the grief.

Maybe she will change her decision again opting for a large and happy family as we are pretty sure she'd make the most amazing mom to her kids!