Susan Sarandon’s Son On Why He Goes Beyond Norms And Wears Dresses: "I Do Not Enjoy Neckties"

Date December 26, 2019

The popular American actress and activist Susan Sarandon is a mother of three children.

By the way, she has become a mom at later ages, at 39, 42 and 45. For the whole life, doctors were telling her about infertility and that she won’t be able to get pregnant. Nevertheless, Susan proved that she is stronger than the diagnoses, and managed to become a devoted mother for her kids.

Son Miles

Susan Sarandon’s son Miles has talked about his sexuality and why men should be comfortable wearing dresses.

During one of the interviews back in 2015, he opened up the real reason why he wears dresses.

So, so, so many people, especially musicians, have done this before me. I wear dresses on stage and to occasional fancy dress events because I do not enjoy neckties. I wear dresses to embrace femininity (adjective) but not to re-assign my gender to female (noun).

He also discussed gender dysphoria, the state when the emotional identity is different than the biological sex. Miles claimed it is extremely difficult when you live in the wrong body for the whole life, especially in such a cruel world, and the era of Internet bullying.

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be born in the wrong body — especially in the brutal and unforgiving age of Internet bullying. I wish that gender didn't have to be assigned on public documents like driver's licenses, passports and such... that is the pressure that society puts on trans people.

Susan Sarandon is proud that her son wears dresses sometimes, and praises him for individuality outside typical gender norms. The Oscar winner has once revealed she intentionally raised her children in New York so they could observe a wide range of people and families.

Susan Sarandon’s son Miles opened up the reason why he wears dresses sometimes. The actress supports her son no matter what, and proves to be a loving and devoted mother.