Keanu Reeves Confessed He Had True Feelings For Sandra Bullock But Work Prevented Them From Dating

Date December 11, 2019 16:42

Keanu Reeves is the kind of guy everyone wants to be friends with! The actor maintains friendly relationships with many of his co-stars, including Sandra Bullock.

Keanu and Sandra first met on the set of Speed in 1993. The two actors hit it off right away and remain good friends to this day, but could they have been much more than that?

After the Matrix star made a candid confession on The Ellen Show, many people think it could be the greatest celebrity romance that never happened!

Keanu spills the beans to Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres is one of these rare hosts that can disarm even the most private celebs and get them to reveal their secrets. That’s what happened when Keanu Reeves made his first appearance on her show.

When the subject of Keanu’s friendship with Sandra came up, Ellen showed him a clip in which Sandra admitted she had “a bit of a crush” on him back in the ’90s. The actress also said she had assumed Keanu didn’t really like her.

But Sandra couldn’t be more wrong: Keanu confessed that he did have feelings for her, too. Some people in the audience literally screamed out of surprise when he said that!

When Ellen asked the actor why they never dated, he said it was because they "were working."

We don't often hear about Keanu's personal life – he’s notoriously private about such things. It was one of these rare moments when he opened up about something like this.

Keanu Reeves Confessed He Had True Feelings For Sandra Bullock But Work Prevented Them From DatingGetty Images / Ideal Image

Anyway, as Sandra explained, they wouldn’t have been able to be friends if they had dated and broke up. So it’s probably for their own good that it didn’t happen.

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