Michael Strahan's Mom Gets The Makeover Of Her Dreams After Weight Loss Journey: "She’s Absolutely Beautiful!"

Date December 3, 2019

TV personality Michael Strahan gave his mom, Louise a makeover to in celebration of her 38 lbs weight loss. He had promised her the transformation if she followed a healthier lifestyle.

Michael Strahan's mom was a basketball coach. Back in her day, she was a basketball and track star. She is also responsible for the TV host’s athletic skills.

Not only did she pass down her athletic genes, but she also coached his basketball teams while the family lived in Germany.

Michael Strahan’s mother gets a wonderful makeover

Every woman no matter the age deserves to look and feel beautiful. That’s why the Good Morning America co-host got his mother, Louise a makeover.

The makeover was planned to celebrate her incredible weight loss. The makeover team at Rachael Ray's show gave Louise a striking new look to match her slimmer figure.

Louise who went from a size 22 to a size 16 was transformed into a younger gorgeous lady from a tired-looking coach.
Now, Michael’s mom's smile is wider and her face looks more shaped, proving a good hairstyle can do magic!

She looked like she had dropped years and her appearance matches her physique.

People's comments about the makeover

People liked the transformation. Here are some reactions.

@Lillian Balkum

Mrs.Strahan looks so beautiful! Michael adores his mom, that’s what makes men most attractive. God bless!!!!

@vivian Stanton

She’s a very very beautiful looking woman, Her legs are beautiful!!!!! 👍👍👍

@Theressia Shaver


@Karen Littlejohn

Michel looks like his mom!

@Bookiesgranny 1913

She’s absolutely beautiful! Naturally pretty!!

Every woman deserves to feel gorgeous and we are glad that Michael's mother’s got a makeover that fits her inward and outward. Do you like the transformation? Share your thoughts in comments.