Cozy And Lovely: Nicole Kidman Sheds Light On Her $6.5 Million Georgian-Style Farmhouse In Australia

Date December 16, 2019

After a painful divorce from Tom Cruise, the Australia-American actress Nicole Kidman was destined to find her real soulmate. In 2006, she tied the knot with a country music singer, Keith Urban.

Their marriage has been nothing but idyllic. The couple shares two daughters, Sunday and Faith. The basic rule that keeps their love up is restraining from work at home.

Nicole and Keith constantly live in Hasville and wish nothing else than a quiet, family harmony.

Australian farmhouse

However, Kidman also owns a $6.5 million farmhouse in Bunya Hill, Australia, which is very cozy and lovely. Take a tour with her!

This Georgian-style home was built in 1878, and the home itself has a subtle and elegant design in every room.

The farmhouse has a modest foyer, a billiard room with a pool table, a floor-to-ceiling library with old-fashioned wooden bookcases which line the walls.

The comfortable living room has a grand piano as Keith can play it, and a fireplace for cold winter evenings.

Next are the kitchen and adorable dining room, which has a wooden table with eight seats and also, a fireplace.

Outside the Australian farmhouse, there is a small cottage, an orchard, and 111 acres of farmland.

Nicole's lifestyle

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban love the calm and quiet lifestyle. Both houses — in the USA and Australia — are very simple and elegant.

Such places are perfect for families who have these tights bonds and love spending the whale of the time indoors rather than outdoors.

The Georgian-style farmhouse is indeed an idyllic place, and the star managed to make it super comfortable and stylish. There is no doubt she can't wait till the moment she can return to the cozy dwelling. Nicole and Keith managed to build up such an amazing life around them!