John Wayne's Daughter On How Dad Pretended To Be Healthy To Save His Career: "He Would Only Call It A 'Big C'"

Date January 24, 2020 17:19

It's often advocated that the pain lessens upon sharing it with others. But in Hollywood, the case is reversed as putting your misery on display translated to unnecessary scandals and far-from-truth conspiracy theory. So pricey are the consequences of fame!

The Duke of classic cinema, John Wayne, excelled in Hollywood for his exceptional acting and filmmaking talents. His breakthrough role came in 1939's Stagecoach. He remained on the top box office draws for more than three decades, from 1930 to 1977. Wayne was laid to rest in 1979 after giving up his battle with cancer at UCLA Medical Center.

His daughter recalls his true struggle

The dreadful disease of cancer can totally warp its patient's life. On top of his painful strikes, John Wayne of was caught in another complex dilemma. In the media industry, the seat of even a king is pretty shaky and needs to be maintained at all times. John realizes this fully and decided to hide his agonizing illness form the world. His managers just got on misleading his fans!

In a book dedicated to her beloved father, Aissa Wayne recalled the greatest misery her father had faced. Muffling his voice, he kept his adversity only to himself in order to save his career from tainting entirely. She recollected the memories as:

I never heard my father say the word, Cancer. He would only call it a 'Big C'.

John Wayne tried to do everything possible to hide cancer in order to:

  • Save career and popularity;
  • Not to cause pity;
  • Not to bother family and friends.

His son's words about him

John was a doting father to his son Ethan who still holds a vivid mental image of his dad. He painted his favorite memory of him to Fox News as:

He’s on a horse, he’s running at full speed across open country, with a herd of horses running with him… he was a bold, outgoing individual who was full of life, constantly moving forward… And nobody sits on a horse as John Wayne does.

People think only the modern times are witnessing the cruel side of stardom, but the persisting issue is age-old. And Hollywood is not an exception! John Wayne's daughter opened up how her iconic father decided to hide his disease in order not to lose a job. So, he kept his sufferings only to himself to preserve the career. Of course, it was extremely hard, but he also didn't want to put misery on display. So only closest people knew the real situation with John Wayne's health condition.