Sharon Stone Stepped Out With Her Son, But Public's Eyes Went Directly To Mole On His Face

Date December 18, 2019

The iconic Sharon Stone is beaming with happiness as usually. The actress has not one, but three men in her life – her gorgeous sons.

Sharon Stone’s kids are all adopted but they look so much like Basic Instinct star that it’s almost unbelievable!

Quinn Kelly, Laird Vonne, and Roan Joseph are all very gifted young men. The youngest, Queen, is the quarterback of a football team, the middle one, Laird, runs across the country, and the eldest, Roan, is a ‘gifted glassblower.’

Sharon is extremely proud of her children!

The stunning duo

Sharon Stone is one of those rare actresses who expand the idea of beauty. At her age, she looks absolutely phenomenal with a body that can put many 20-somethings to shame.

In 2019 the Hollywood star made a rare appearance at the third annual Harper Bazaar Awards in a sunny Madrid, joined by her son, Roan.

Stone donned a stylish black suit with a massive white decoration on one side of her jacket. She paired the eye-catching number with a simple white top and black heels.

Sharon’s son sported all-black ensemble, wearing ear pods as he walked the red carpet. Even though the young man is very handsome, some social media users were drawn to one of his features – a giant mole on his face.

Fans’ comments

@ juliajulia47:

Aging beautifully..


She is beautiful.And she looks happy.. No unnatural puffiness or a wrinkle free mask face.

@ Sunny_Days:

Sharon looks fabulous!


Her son is absolutely gorgeous!!! Oh my God he looks like a model!!!


She looks fine but her in the words of the great Austin Powers ....moleee moleee moleee!


The mole is distracting. The kid might be attractive, but who would know, the eyes go directly to that hairy mole.


He needs to get rid of that hairy mole first. And fast.

Sharon Stone was happy to make a rare appearance together with her son, but unfortunately he was severely criticized by star's fans. But we think Roan’s mole is nothing to be ashamed of and it even adds some character.

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