Dad's Spitting Image! Eminem's Adorable Daughter Hailie Jade Is Already Grown Up And Looks Like A Princess

Date November 22, 2019

Rap legend Eminem famously sang about his beloved daughter Hailie throughout his career and she is featured in more than 20 of his tracks, including "Hailie’s Song", "Stan", "Mockingbird" and "When I’m Gone".

Eminem spent most of her childhood keeping her away from paparazzi cameras, but now that she's all grown up and she's gaining social media attention.

Eminem's daughter is all grown up!

She is the only biological child of the rapper and his ex-wife Kim - which is pretty cool in itself.

Hailie shunned the limelight until she created her Instagram account in 2016 and ever since has been inundated with offers from major brands.

Although she's a woman of few words and never speaks about her father on her Instagram, her face, however, speaks for her! The girl is a carbon copy of Eminem in female's body.

Of course, she's wearing makeup and has long hair, but that doesn't stop her Eminem-like features from shining through, from her nose to her pout.

Fans' reaction

Fans also could not help but notice their striking resemblance:

"You look like your father"

- one user wrote, while another added:

"She looks like emenim"

A thrid one said:

"You got daddy’s eyes😍❤️👁"

Rapper often says that his daughter is his "driving force" and never hasitates to express his love and affection.

“She's always been the driving force for me to stay busy, stay focused, always been my number one reason for fear of failure. “I talk about her a lot, the truth is she is all I got in this world.

Hailie now lives in her own modest four-bedroomed house in Detroit, Michigan and leads relatively normal life. Hailie told the Daily Mail of her father:

"Of course, we are very close".

We also believe that Eminem is a great, supportive and caring father for his daughter. Hopefully, Hailie will share their father-daughter special moments as fans simply adore them!

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