Actress Charlize Theron Talks About Dating Brad Pitt: "I Had An Entire Relationship That I Didn't Even Know About"

Date November 28, 2019

Hollywood life is full of surprises and rumors of celebrities dating are as old as time itself. There are very few things more thrilling for fans than when their favorite actors and actresses find love.

That's why we can absolutely understand why people were excited when rumors that Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt were in love started to crop up.

It was reported that the A-list duo was spending a lot of time together after meeting six months prior. Even though neither Charlize nor Brad confirmed they were together, there were still reports that the couple enjoyed a cozy night out at Chateau Marmont in LA.

Are Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron actually dating?

Charlize touched on the topic of a relationship between herself and Brad when she was on the Ellen show. The actress was there to promote her new film Bombshell and was joined by co-stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie.

Ellen DeGeneres announced that they intended to find a man for "shockingly single" Charlize through a game segment titled Who Would Charlize Rather.

Pictures of famous people popped up on the screen and Ellen, Margot and Nicole had to choose which one Charlize could date.

When Brad's face came up, Charlize had a priceless expression on her face. Nicole encouraged her saying "I did not date Brad," and Charlize replied:

I apparently did. I had an entire relationship that I didn't even know about.

She evidently found it ridiculous that people link her to Brad Pitt.

Charlize Theron's last relationship

There's a good reason why Charlize referred to herself as "shockingly single."

According to Ranker, the actress began dating Sean Penn in 2014 but their relationship ended in 2015. Since then, she hasn't officially confirmed a relationship with anyone else.

Actress Charlize Theron Talks About Dating Brad Pitt: "I Had An Entire Relationship That I Didn't Even Know About"Getty Images / Ideal Image

This is quite surprising considering what a beautiful and successful star she is. So it's no wonder that people can't wait to see her matched up with someone else. But then, the actress is probably taking her own time and doing things her way.

There's nothing wrong with being single and she seems quite happy regardless. At the same time, we hope Charlize will find her true love very soon. And what do you think? Who would be the best partner for this wonderful actress? Share your thoughts in comments.