Mom's Spitting Image! Jamie Lee Curtis And Her Daughter Annie Guest Are Twinning In Grey Hair And They Both Look Stunning

Date November 5, 2019 17:44

Jamie Lee Curtis is not only a wonderful actress but also a doting mama. Her little girl isn't little anymore. She's a grown beautiful woman who has a squeaky clean reputation for a kid who's grown up under the spotlight.

Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter Annie Guest

A Hollywood child herself, Jamie Lee should have a lot of experience with raising a child while hiding from the paparazzi. She is the daughter of famous parents Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Unfortunately, the actress says she has very little recollections of her childhood.

Her parents divorced when she was still a kid and her father had very little interest in being a parent. She had a difficult time growing up and dabbled in drugs.

Annie Guest is twinning Jamie Lee Curtis' hair

Jamie Lee Curtis is an amazing parent despite living in Hollywood and these photos with her daughter are prove that they are a wonderful mother-daughter duo. They’ve got a good relationship that they can’t help flaunting. And we can’t help noticing that Annie Guest has started to take after her mama's style. And it is about Jamie Lee Curtis' hair images too.

Although Annie is adopted, the two beauties have got the same slim elegant frames. And just like her mother, Annie who is a fly dance instructor has taken to rocking her hair in silver locks. Annie just mirrored Jamie Lee Curtis' grey look.

The duo impressed just everybody with their identical looks.

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis' husband?

Jamie Lee shares her proud parenting status with her husband Christopher Guest. The successful comedian has been married to Curtis for many years.

Mom's Spitting Image! Jamie Lee Curtis And Her Daughter Annie Guest Are Twinning In Grey Hair And They Both Look StunningGetty Images / Ideal Image

The couple is believed to begin dating after the actress saw him in a 1984 Rolling Stone magazine. She told her friend that she was going to marry the man in the picture. They still have that original snap hanging in their house.

What a wonderful love story! Do you agree? Do you like Jamie Lee Curtis' hairstyle?

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