Cher Became Emotional After Watching Adam Lambert's Heart-Wrenching Performance Of Her Song 'Believe'

Date November 21, 2019

Every song an artist shares with the world chips away a part of them. As legendary as Cher is, she always managed to channel her spirit through music. When someone sings back those melodies to her, it must be like finding a missing puzzle piece.

No one can deal with such overwhelming feelings without shedding tears.

The iconic singer released Believe under Warner Bros. Records in 1998 and it was from her twenty-second album. Cher personally contributed to its lyrics while writing with Matthew Gray, Stuart McLennan, Paul Barry, Brian Higgins, Steven Torch, and Timothy Powell.

You better keep the tissues close!

Adam Lambert rose to fame in 2009 after finishing as runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. Ever since then, he's delivered one after other power-packed songs. The 39-year-old has sold more than 3 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide. If anyone was worthy of paying a tribute to Cher, it was Adam.

He floored the audience in the arena at 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors, including Cher. Adam emotionally sang Believe and poured his soul into it. The rise and fall of his voice managed to touch the legend's heart. She began sobbing as she was taken into another dimension by his beautiful rendition.

Fans are cheering for him

@Manolis Roberts:

Cher’s reaction is priceless. Those tears, and his big last note... perfect.

@James Thweatt:

The beauty of this performance, in my opinion, is that Adam sang this directly to Cher. There were no other people. We were all just lucky bystanders who got to witness his love letter to her. Brilliant.

@The Video Project :

Mama CHER must be proud of him. Like many great vocalists, he's also underrated. Well done to this performance Adam, well done.

@Callum Kaczynski:

Cher looks at him like a proud mum ❤️😍 😭

@Alin George:

Look at his face, he really believe in what are singing. Both his voice and his face show us that he feels and transmits what he sings. I love you Adam

The classic number comes right for your tear ducts, doesn't it? We thank Cher for blessing us with the heartwrenching song in the first place. Share this and give a shoutout to Adam.

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