‘That Girl’ Star Marlo Thomas Tearfully Recalls Late Co-Star Ted Bessell: “The Minute You Needed Him, He Just Showed Up, Like An Angel”

Date December 3, 2019

Marlo Thomas paid a touching tribute to her late That Girl co-star and on-screen boyfriend Ted Bessell. Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell appeared together on popular ABC sitcom That Girl and the duo immediately won the hearts of thousands.

Ted Bessell was an amazing actor

Actor Ted Bessell was well-known for his role as Donald Hollinger, the love interest of Marlo Thomas on the super-popular sitcom That Girl. He also appeared in other TV shows such as Good Time Harry, Hail to the Chief, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C, and It’s a Man’s World.

He shared an Emmy for his work as a producer on The Tracey Ullman Show. Ted was working as the director for a film version of the TV show Bewitched when he suffered an aortic aneurysm and died at the age of 61.

Marlo Thomas on Ted Bessell

Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell stole fans’ hearts when they appeared together on popular ABC sitcom That Girl.

Sadly, but the actor left this world at the height of his career after he suffered an aortic aneurysm. Ted passed away after he collapsed in his house and doctors couldn’t revive him.

Marlo remembered her late co-star as a poet and prankster who was a great friend. In a statement obtained by PEOPLE magazine, the actress said:

When my father died, he drove me around L.A. for days, talking to me while I cried. The minute you needed him, he just showed up, like an angel.

Marlo continued:

He had a dream that we would do That Girl today. We were talking about it in the last couple of weeks. We could meet again, fall in love, end up together—That Girl would become That Woman. I’m so sorry we didn’t get the chance to do it again.

The actress obviously valued her friendship with Ted.

The star recalled what it was like starring together with Ted Bessell in the famous sitcom. Marlo described the period she and Ted worked together on the show as a fun time. The actress posted a picture of herself and her on-screen boyfriend on Instagram with the caption:

That Girl was such a fun and fashionable time. Here I am - in full tie-dye! - with my on-screen love interest Ted Beasely who you know better as Donald.

Even after two decades, after his death, Ted Bessell keeps living in the hearts and thoughts of everyone who knew him. Ted was a great person, and he will be remembered forever. Do you agree? Have you ever seen That Girl? Do you like this sitcom? Share your thoughts in comments.