Whoopi Goldberg Made Sure She Had The Last Word By Scolding Meghan McCain: "When We Talk To Each Other, We Also Exhibit Respect"

Date December 4, 2019

When people come together to discuss current events or other trends, arguing is inevitable. And on a show like The View where strong and opinionated women have these discussions on a regular basis, it's virtually impossible to avoid occasional clashes.

Joy Behar once told GoodHousekeeping that it would be "unrealistic" for there not to be disagreements and hurt feelings on a show like The View.

"That's the way it is," she said.

Whoopi Goldberg vs Meghan McCain on The View

An example of one such disagreement took place during one of the episodes of the TV show. While having a conversation, both Whoopi and Meghan had something to say.

Whoopi was making a point when Meghan interrupted her but the white-haired co-host wasn't having it.

Whoopi made sure she had the last word by scolding Meghan and explaining that they didn't need to talk at each other if they each wanted to be heard.

This show has always had the ability to have different point of view which we respect around the table. And when we talk to each other, we also exhibit respect.

As Meghan tried to defend her actions, Whoopi apparently wasn't having that either as she immediately cut to commercials.

We have a feeling these two would have had a go at each other even more after the cameras stopped rolling.


There were mixed reactions following this short argument between Whoopi and Meghan.

While some people understood Whoopi's point about allowing each person to be heard, others had a different opinion.

Considering how many back and forths have taken place on The View over the years, we're sure the hosts understand that having arguments is simply a part of the deal. And at this point, they must have learned ways to settle differences in opinions so they can work together effectively.

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