Young Couple With Down Syndrome Talk About The Struggle To Have Kids When Their Own Families Were Against It

Date September 4, 2019

We strongly believe that people born with Down syndrome deserve the same rights as the rest of us. A young couple with Down syndrome was desperate to have children, but even their own parents didn’t support their decision. Let's find out how they overcame this problem.

Fight for parenting dream

Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton have been dating for a few years before they got engaged. Like every other young couple, Michael and Taylor wanted to have their own big family. Michael said he wanted to have four kids – three daughters and one son.

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But when you have Down syndrome, it’s not so easy to make your parenting dream come true.

Both their families said they taught their children to follow their dreams, but they couldn’t support their desire to have their own kids someday.

Michael’s mother said:

Just imagine that both your parents have Down syndrome. They couldn't have a job and couldn't drive a car and couldn't understand math homework.

“It’s all about love…”

Taylor and Michael had another opinion. Taylor explained it’s not hard to raise children because all they need is love and support.

However, the lovebirds followed their parents’ advice and agreed to delay their marriage for a while. Nevertheless, they did not give up their dream of having kids in the future.

Sadly, Michael and Taylor are no longer together as a couple, but they still support each other. The young people hope to find their soulmates someday and who knows, maybe their dream to become parents will come true.

Couples with Down syndrome don't need to be sterilized!

Despite Michael and Taylor are not a couple anymore, their story has brought an important topic into focus. Should people with Down syndrome become parents?

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Disability Advocate, Michelle O'Flynn, said the decision on parenthood should rest with the couple.

Their bodies, their choice!

Besides, we know a number of cases when a woman with Down syndrome delivered a normal child.

In Australia, an ongoing practice on the forced sterilization of girls and women with disabilities is still under fire. Some people consider it an act of violence and torture that women with Down syndrome could be deprived of their right to maternity.

This controversial topic requires public awareness and shouldn’t be ignored. What we know for sure is that people with disabilities deserve to have the same rights as everybody else.

What do you think about all of this? Please, share your opinions with us.

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