Little Model's Parents Are Criticized For Showing Off Their "Most Beautiful Girl On The Earth"

Date August 22, 2019

A gorgeous little girl has captured the heart of millions thanks to her unique beauty. But the internet can't stop criticizing her parents.

Meet Anastasia Knyazeva

Anastasia is a Russian model who shot to stardom after people began to admire her beautiful photos. The blue-eyed cutie has only been in the modeling business for a couple of years and already, advertisers and big brands are excited to work with her.

Anastasia has her very own Instagram account which is being run by her mother, Anna and she has garnered millions followers, proving just how popular she is.

The mother has been posting pictures of her child since the little girl was four years old and every photo of Anastasia attracts comments from people who find her really beautiful.

With comments like "OMG… I think she is the most beautiful girl on the earth,” you can tell that people think Anastasia is super adorable.

Her parents are being criticized

While many did admit that Anastasia has stunning looks, some also felt like she was too young to be celebrated just for her appearance. So, along with comments about how much of a beauty she is, there are some that address the parents' choice to put their daughter in the spotlight like this.

One social media user commented:

In this day and age, we need to protect children. You are inviting online predators into her life and setting her up to place her entire worth on her looks. I have a beautiful daughter and I would never parade her across the internet like this. You need to think about what you are doing.

Many others felt like she's being dressed up to look older and that the mother simply wants to cash in on her daughter's looks.

Are they really doing their daughter harm?

Speaking to Yahoo, psychologist Emma Kenny says the problem with branding kids so young is that the parents inadvertently share information about the child without their permission. And the kid is giving a voice that isn't hers. In other words, "people are getting to know you and not your child."

The biggest danger is the child's security. Putting them out there where all kinds of people can see them may not be the safest thing to do. A parent's first priority is to protect their child.

Despite the risks, many parents don't see the problem with putting their kids out there. Hopefully, they do consider several other avenues to keep them safe from physical and even the psychological harm of being young and famous.

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