She Didn't Expect Such An Outcome! Woman Mistook Her Contractions For Food Poisoning, But Ended Up Having A Baby

Date September 3, 2019

Have you ever thought if it's possible to confuse pregnancy with a food poisoning? One woman found herself in such predicament, and it was definitely a confusing situation, to say the least. So, how could that have possibly happen and are food poisonings and pregnancy that similar?

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

First, let's look into how a food poisoning can manifest itself. The most common symptoms of it are:

  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain or cramps;
  • vomiting;
  • fatigue;
  • headaches.

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From what we can see so far, these symptoms are very similar to what a pregnant woman can experience on a daily basis. And it's still hard to believe that someone can be unaware of the fact that she's been carrying for 9 months. However, we do have proof that it's possible.

Unexpected miracle

One day, Crystal Gail Amerson woke up with a terrible pain in her stomach. She immediately blamed the take out she had eaten the night before and hoped the pain would eventually subside. But cramps were getting worse, as Crystal told PEOPLE:

The pain intensified quickly, and I went from guessing food poisoning was the culprit to being concerned that it was something much worse.

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Her husband rushed to call an ambulance, and a quick trip to the hospital revealed that Crystal was actually experiencing contractions. Within minutes of finding out she was pregnant, the woman gave birth to her son.

And the reason she never realized she was carrying was her busy schedule. Crystal gave birth to her firstborn 18 months prior to his little brother, so she was constantly occupied with caring for her toddler and working. In her own words:

I only gained about ten or fifteen pounds maybe throughout what we now know was my pregnancy. No morning sickness, no huge round belly. I worked full time, chased after my 18-month-old son all night. I had no time to stop and realize that I was pregnant, especially since I didn’t experience typical symptoms.

Little Oliver James Westerfield became the best unexpected surprise for the family and, fortunately, was born a healthy boy.

What to expect during pregnancy

This story immediately made us wonder what some of the more unexpected symptoms of pregnancy we can look out for are.

1. Hot flashes

You might experience a rise in your average body temperature while carrying a child, so pregnancy during summer is no piece of cake.

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2. Hair loss

Your body is creating a new life at a very rapid rate, which might borrow some of your own minerals and vitamins. All this can cause bad skin and even partial hair loss.

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3. Mood swings

We all know how hormones can influence our mood, and during a pregnancy it's a crazy rollercoaster.

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Pregnancy is not an easy process. Every woman has a different experience. For some, it might be worse than for the others, but it's all worth it just to see your baby smile, isn't it?

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