Saved From The Past: 'Frasier' Star Kelsey Grammer Shares How Late Fatherhood Helped Him Overcome The Bitter Memories From His Childhood

Date September 5, 2019 02:47

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer is happy to be a father of seven children. The amazing experience of bringing up his own kids has made him forget the tragedies of losing close people one after another at a young age.

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Tragic childhood

Kelsey probably had the worst childhood in the entire Hollywood world. Everything began at the age of two. His parents got divorced and he went to live with his mother. His grandfather died when he was just 11 years old. The tragic loss was followed by his father’s murder two years after that.

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The Frasier star's father, Frank Grammer was shot by a mentally incompetent man who was later sent to a psychiatric clinic. Almost a decade after that, Kelsey’s sister, Karen was raped and stabbed by a group of men. The nightmares didn’t end in Kelsey’s life though.

His half-brothers died in a scuba-diving event where only one body was found.

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Happy parenthood

Luckily, Kelsey obtained something that helped distract him from the tragic childhood. His family and kids, in particular, gave him a real reason to live and even made him feel much younger. Having children late kept him lively and active. He said:

It's fantastic — the energy is magnificent. I'm as young as they are.

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Can't hide

Regardless of how sweet his life is now, the bitter past will forever echo in Kelsey’s memories. In an interview, Grammer talked about his late sister and said he forgave the assaulters, particularly the one who stabbed Karen.

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Moreover, he claimed he forgave himself, as though all these years he had been blaming only one person in the horrible tragedy – himself:

I know a lot of people who’ve lost their siblings and blame themselves. It’s hard to explain. It’s not rational. But it happens anyway.

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He lost almost the entire family due to the unfortunate obstacles but managed to stay strong enough to become a successful actor and a beloved father.

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