Three Sets Of Twins Were Conceived On The Same Day But Arrived Years Apart

Date August 14, 2019 20:41

Imagine: three sets of twins who were conceived on the same day by the same parents arrived into this world years apart. It sounds almost surreal, doesn’t it? But it can happen if you have faith and believe in modern science.

The story of miracle twins

The story started back in 2002, when Marie and Randy Johnson, a Minnesota couple who had trouble conceiving naturally, opted for IVF. Marie had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) before she met Randy. After trying for a baby for a few years, they decided to turn for help to fertility specialists.

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Marie gave birth to fraternal twin brothers, Alex and Kurt, in June 2003. She and Randy had more viable embryos, but chose not to have more babies (for health reasons) and not to have the embryos destroyed because of their deeply held religious beliefs.

The National Embryo Donation Center offered a solution: they would store the embryos free of charge until suitable couples who share the Johnsons’ beliefs decided to adopt the embryos.

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Jeni and Danny Gardner, a couple from Charleston, South Carolina, had five children and were blessed with a sixth one, but tragedy struck. The boy was stillborn. Danny and Jeni were devastated but trusted God to give them more children. That’s when they learned about the embryo adoption program from fellow church members and decided to give it a try.

The NEDC matched the Gardners with the Johnsons. Jeni Gardner gave birth to twin sons, Matthias and James, in November 2017. She and Danny were so excited to welcome them! Jeni wrote in her essay for the NEDC:

What JOY they bring! They are the sweetest babies. There is no shortage of love for them with five older siblings always eager to hold, feed, and play.

Somewhere around that time, Amy and Robert Hefner, a Tennessee couple who struggled with fertility issues, came across a leaflet with the embryo donation center's info. They were paired with the Johnsons, and Amy gave birth to twin girls, Eliana and Aliza, in June 2018.

The families stay in touch

All three families in this amazing story keep in touch. For them, the bond they share is unique and unbreakable. They have even met in real life and expressed their gratitude to each other.

The happy parents believe that their selection by the embryo donation center wasn’t random at all: It was by God’s design that they all were brought together.

Alex and Kurt Johnson, the eldest set of twins (aged 15), have a fifteen-year age difference with the Hefners’ baby girls.

These families are amazingly blessed to have each other!

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