53-Year-Old Woman Stunned 'X Factor' Judges By Performing Cilla Black’s Song 'You’re My World'

Date August 14, 2019

The X Factor show has been home to surprises, as it attracts and showcases talented individuals for the world to see as they compete for fame and recognition. In the recent X Factor UK auditions, this 53-year-old farmer captivated both the judges and the audience with her impressive vocals as she sang Cilla Black’s song, You’re My World.

Jacqueline Faye, who introduced herself by saying she lives on a farm where she owns chickens, horses, and peacocks, truly surprised her audience as she paid a deserving tribute to Cilla’s song with her powerful vocals.

While Jacqueline looked nervous before she started singing, as soon as her vocals hit the air, she had the audience cheering her up and had the judges amazed with their baffled facial expressions as evidence.

Jacqueline was impressive and inspiring

Aside from the in-house audience that truly appreciated Jacqueline’s performance, others took to Twitter where they glorified the farmer as a truly talented individual. For most of her fans, she is proof that it is never too late to chase your dreams.

To them, she was an incredible inspiration as she proved that at any age, one can do what they love and thrive since her simple farm life did not prevent her from being a great singer.

And for some, Jacqueline was truly a pleasant surprise as she proved all her doubters wrong.

Truly, the humble farmer proved that you can still collect chicken eggs in the morning and perform for the world at night!

The health benefits of singing

Researchers point out that singing could have great effects on people of any age, as it can provide positive physical, social, and emotional health outcomes. Some of the benefits include that:

  1. Singing is a form of workout especially for the elderly since when the lungs expand, one’s aerobic capacity and stamina are boosted.
  2. Belting a tune also strengthens the throat and palate muscles which helps to solve snoring problems and sleep apnea.
  3. Singing also lowers stress levels, improves mental alertness, and increases the capacity for memory.
  4. Socially, singing can expand an individual’s social circle, as it boosts confidence and improves communication skills.

Truly, Jacqueline Faye reminded the world of the ‘power of music’ through her performance as she proved that music is indeed ‘our world’. Jacqueline is truly extraordinary and we hope that she continues to pursue her dreams and inspire others.

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