Minimum Combing And Care Products: Woman With The 6-Foot-Long Hair On How She Deals With Them

Date August 14, 2019 20:22

Yeah, yeah, almost every woman dreams of having long, shiny, and healthy hair. These dreams probably come from past fairytales, and sometimes, they turn into reality.

Benefits of having long hair

It's notably challenging to take care of long hair, but there is a plethora of pros.

Minimum Combing And Care Products: Woman With The 6-Foot-Long Hair On How She Deals With ThemSubbotinaAnna /

  1. Save on winter wear. Well, why not? You can easily wrap your hair around your neck, and voilà! No more need for scarves.
  2. Various hairstyles. Having long hair can open the world of hairdos to you: braids, curls, up-dos, sleek or straight, waves, etc.
  3. Be a bombshell. Long hair is attractive, sexy, and unbelievable. Have you seen Victoria Secret's models? Yep, exactly.

Get prepared for this real-life princess. Her hair is mind-blowing, but her health routine is way too strange.

Rapunzel exists

Brighton resident Frankie Cluney is the owner of 6-foot-long hair. We bet any model or princess would be totally jealous of her!

She said that growing up with a lot of beautiful art books made her grow her hair to the floor like in fairytales.

I knew I wanted to be a mermaid and have long hair.

While people think it's very complicated to take care of such gorgeously long hair, Frankie blows these false thoughts away. She just combs it 2 or 3 times a week, without even using a day-care cream or oil routine.

Although her hair is 6 feet in length, she always makes hairdos so that hair doesn't get tangled during the day. She uses knitting needles to form a nice hairstyle daily.

She joined a drawing class where she wears absolutely nothing except but her hair all over the body. Well, why not? Who needs clothes when you have a 6-foot long hair which covers your body, right?

Not the one

Frankie Cluney aka real-time Rapunzel isn't the one having enormously long hair. Alhough it's hard to grow a lot of hair, some females have extraordinary genes, which make it very simple for them. Let's check out these lucky people!

Well, have you gotten any thoughts or ideas? It's super-cool, isn't it?

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