Hair Tendency: Older Women Prefer Shorter Hair To Make It Look Better Fast

Date August 30, 2019 20:15

Whether you are 20 or 50, the choice of a hairstyle that will suit you best is always a difficult task. With age, it becomes even more important since hair changes its texture, loses pigment, and starts to fade.

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Overall, there is a tendency that older women prefer shorter hair. But why do they have such an urge?

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First of all, it might be because of the changes mentioned above. We get older, so our hair becomes thinner, so it doesn’t look good when it’s long anymore. As hairdresser George Northwood said:

The older you get, the weaker your hair can be. Ends get damaged, so it’s best to invest in a trim every eight weeks.

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Another reason is the fact that shorter hair doesn’t require a lot if maintenance. Long hair has to be in good condition.

For that, women need to use tons of conditioners, masks, and hair treatments. For older women, it can become a real challenge, and they might have neither strength nor desire to take care of it.

Besides, some may think that long hair is only for the young, and older women with long hair look like they’re try-hard cougars, which is not necessarily true.

What about celebrity influence?

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Women get inspired by celebrities who show how to rock short hair perfectly. For example, take Anna Wintour with her power bob, or Helen Mirren with a choppier version of this classic hairstyle.

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This all doesn’t mean the end of a hairstyle! So what are the best options that can make every woman look younger?

1. Undone bob

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2. Pixie cuts

3. Romantic waves

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Which hairdo do you prefer?

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