Pure Miracle! 'First Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie Beats All Odds And Becomes A Proud Father Of Four Kids

Date October 9, 2019 22:19

Who said a man couldn’t give birth to a baby? We know a man who gave birth to three babies by himself, and now he is a proud dad of four kids. All of them are doing great and live their lives to the fullest.

Meet the first pregnant man

Thomas Trace Beatie (born Tracy) is a citizen of America who became world-famous as the first ‘pregnant man’.

Beatie was born a female but, at the age of 10, he realized he identified himself more as a man. At 23, Beatie started his gender transition.

Thomas underwent six surgeries on the way to his dream. He decided to keep his female reproductive organs so that to have biological children in the future.

When Thomas met his first wife, Nancy, he realized she was the one he wanted to have kids with. Due to health issues, Nancy was not able to give birth. So, her husband decided to take on this role. He explained his wish:

Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.

Beatie gave birth to three children in a natural way. With their first child, Susan, Thomas was in the hospital for four days; with a second son, Austin, he was there for two days. Doctors said there was no reason to keep him in the hospital longer as the babies were completely healthy.

As for their parenting roles, the Oregon law says the person who gives birth is normally listed as mother. But when Thomas and Nancy complained, the birth certificates were changed.

I am my children's father, and that's all I'll ever be to them. Nancy is their mother.

Though the couple filed for divorce in 2012, both parents take an active part in raising the kids. Unlike most similar cases when custody of children is adjudged to a mother, it was Thomas who got sole custody of their three kids.

Thomas Beatie was included into the Guinness World Records as the first man to give birth.

Beatie remarried again. After several years of trying, his second wife got finally pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy named Jackson. Thomas cannot give birth now as he already has male reproductive organs.

Thomas said he had always dreamed of having a large family. Well, it looks like his dream came true.

Our best wishes to the world’s first pregnant man!

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