Wisconsin Couple Share Remarkable Family Story: Their 3 Sets Of Twins Were Born On The Same Day But Different Years

Date September 11, 2019 01:20

For all the misconceptions about twin children, the one thing everyone can agree on is that they are special.

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Stats about twins

The fact that they are pretty common does not reduce their allure. Cultures continue to perpetuate their own theories, some of them problematic, about twin children, even if their ideas are unsubstantiated by science.

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Current statistics state that 32 in every 1000 people is a twin. Other interesting statistics show that more than 20% of births to moms over the age of 45 in America are twins. For moms under the age of 24, the number drastically reduces to only 2%.

Cool family of twins

If you are pro-science and find the myths about twins suspicious, the story of this Wisconsin couple will make you think again.

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Carrie, an endometriosis survivor, and her husband, Craig Kosinski, chose to adopt a set of twins as newlyweds. A pregnant acquaintance simply asked them if they would be willing to adopt her babies.

This was before they learnt that she would be having twins.

Unfazed by the news, they adopted the twin girls, Adalynn and Kenna, born February 28, 2014. They were again contacted by an unnamed acquaintance to adopt her older twins born exactly a year before the girls. Driven by a need to keep the family together, they agreed to the plan.

However, the couple began to explore options of conception the following year, and Carrie became pregnant with a set of twins after seeing a fertility doctor.

The real twist came when Carrie gave birth to her 24 weeks twins prematurely by Cesarean section, and her delivery date was also February 28.

Bragging rights for the rest of their lives

The Kosinski's have always wanted to have a large family. Now, they have the perfect one: three sets of twins all born on the same day in three successive years.

The couple insists that the decision to have their children born this way was not intentional, yet they get asked this question all the time. We can’t decide on what is the coolest about their cute family: The fact that they never have to forget a child’s birthday or the fact that the children will go to town with this quirky detail about their birth as they grow older.

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