Couple Underwent Glamorous Transformation At The Same Time And Couldn't Hold Back Tears Afterwards

Date December 27, 2019 13:02

New hairstyle can change someone's look completely, and sometimes it may seem that we see a different person.

Couple’s transformation

Keith and Kelly Moore were picked for the Ambush Makeovers, and they arrived to New York, where experts completely changed their outlook.

The couple enjoys the healthy lifestyle, and Kelly has even lost over 40 pounds. Now, they want to get a fresh look, in order to feel themselves beautiful. Also, Keith and Kelly Moore wanted to feel themselves more energized to take care of their cute grandson.

We want to look as good on the outside as we now feel on the inside.

Wife and the husband underwent glamorous transformations at the same time and they couldn’t hold their tears when they saw each other for the first time afterwards.

It was literally impossible to recognize them!


People were also fascinated by this couple’s transformation, and claim they look ten years younger now. Do you agree with it?

Wow, what a tremendous result! Keith and Kelly Moore underwent tremendous transformations at the same time, and their life will never be the same!