"I Feel Like A New Person": 60-Year-Old Woman Reclaimed Her Much Younger Self After Chopping Off Her Hair

Date October 29, 2019 15:06

Hair is a woman's greatest treasure. They frame the face, cover the sideburns and elevates beauty. If the styling is done correctly, our locks can even reduce or increase the age we look. Mostly, sporty haircuts are the highway to youth.

The way ladies wear their hair has a great effect on the personality. If they are dull and dreary, a woman would seem sad and depressed. Similarly, well-groomed and lively tresses are a sign of good health, well-being, and happy vibes. In our young days, hair doesn't need much attention, you just let them loose and free. But, for older people, it's a tedious task.

Mind-blowing makeover

A 60-year-old woman, Mamie came in from Moorhead, Minnesota to get treated by the Makeover Guy. Her husband accompanied her to the appearance studios to support her. She mentioned to the stylist that she wants to upgrade her entire persona and not be stuck with only one look. Maintaining and grooming long hair was her main plight.

Christopher Hopkins chopped off her lifeless strands and gave her a trendy haircut. Her locks had a very crispy salt & pepper shade which was toned to perfection. Mamie's husband was amused by the outcome and couldn't stop admiring his beautiful wife. She herself exclaimed:

I feel like a new person!

She bagged a lot of compliments


Sweet eyes of a loving husband seeing his beautiful Mamie transformed. Already drop-dead gorgeous, now she's glowing and radiant. GOD I love this stuff!

@Mary Gibbons:

Gorgeous woman before but more refined after. Bravo!


WOW WOW WOW!!!! Her new look is movie star glam. Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Love her hubba's reaction & support!!! Superb work Christopher!!!!

@Marian McAfee:

Another star is born. Seriously. And you get to do this for a living? Everyone is just gold. This woman 👩 is beautiful both before & after...yet you made her after on some new level ☝🏼🥂

@Denise T:

I especially like this makeover. Her long grey hair did absolutely nothing but age her.
Now she looks soft, smart and sophisticated.

Hats off to the Makeover Guy, he never disappoints! Did the stunning transformation impress you? Share this and let us know.

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