Husband And Wife Married For 33 Years Couldn't Stop Gushing Over Each Other After A Dramatic Makeover

Date November 15, 2019

Meet Jane and Jim Simmons from Illinois! This couple has a wonderful love story, that started when they were teenagers. Jane is 2 years older than Jim but this gap didn't stop them from being happy together. They both know the secret of happy relationships. Jane and Jim just keep things alive by keeping the appearance updated. And the result is amazing! Let's see what happened during their makeover.

The two met in high school where Jim was a serial proposer. Jane was the first girl who responded with a "yes" to him. However, they didn't start dating until college. Fast forwards 33 years, the sweethearts are still in love and have been happily married.

Incredible makeover for Jane and Jim Simmons: before and after

Jane and Jim weren't afraid of changes so they decided to take part in a beauty experiment. Jim only agreed to transform his appearance if Jane was also doing it. They found the perfect man for the job - the Makeover guy, Christopher Hopkins. They both had their hair rough and discolored. Despite having beautiful features, the couple hadn't been grooming regularly.

After the style modification, Jane looked chic, modern and very sophisticated. Jim's handsome attributes were accentuated.

The husband and wife couldn't stop gushing over each other. Jane was surprised and said: "He could be on GQ!" while Jim complimented her with the words:

She's always been beautiful from the inside. But, today her outer beauty is shining through.

Social media users showered them with praise

Christopher's fans on Youtube were in awe of the transformation. They expressed their adoration to the couple and deemed them very lovely.

@Nancy Nicastri:

What a sweet couple! I love to see couples that are so in love with one another; especially when they tell the story of how they met. They look into each other's eyes and you can feel how much they love one another! I commented on his makeover yesterday. I thought he looked like Kurt Russell. She looks stunning! I love the color and the cut is perfect for her face frame. She looks younger and sophisticated. Love how these two interact with each other! One of the best makeovers yet!!!!

@Lisa E:

They look like a million bucks! Both of those hairstyles, wow. And how cute they both are. Very sweet.

@keep smiling:

I love most that both get a makeover. This is when you love and respect your other half. I wish them the best


They both look so good!! and much younger!! xoxox Loretta

@Jill Pruett

They look like celebrities now. Stunning Lady, handsome man.

@Karen Sue Pohlmeier:

They both look amazing but she really looks so beautiful. This new look really shows out her gorgeous eyes! Great job!

Such beauty transformations can be great for couples who have been married for many years. A good makeover gives them a chance to fall in love again and start a new chapter in their relationship. This transformation is wonderful, isn't? We think every couple needs to try something new from time to time. Share this story to inspire others!

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