Feeling Lighter And Brighter: Stunning Woman's Makeover Changed Her Life After She Was Tired Of Heavy-Looking White Hair

Date December 11, 2019 16:40

The humans have millions of hair follicles or small sacs lining the skin of their bodies. Specifically, on the head, these tiny pores spawn hair and its color or the pigment cells that carry melanin. When that function deteriorates with progressive age or due to hormonal changes, white strands emerge.

Women especially struggle with this phenomena. More than often this process is triggered at an early age too. We are here to explore the options to manage extreme white locks. Nope, we are not suggesting chemical dyes but, simple cuts that make you look your best. Ready for some glamour inspiration?

Snowy to glowy!

The Makeover guy on Youtube is hell-bent on turning women in their most beautiful version. He empowers them by changing their dull and dreary outlook, showing them many style possibilities. It almost works like magic for them, making them believe in themselves.

Woman in her 60s got tired of her heavy-looking white hair. She wanted her naturally curly locks to be feasible for her to handle and also to look more trendy. The stylist cut her hair to a near pixie so that she doesn't have to detangle them a lot. The color remained the same.

She couldn't believe how free and easy she felt after the makeover. It really worked wonders for her!

Another transformation

It's not the first time the Makeover guy chose this process to make a woman feel lighter and brighter. Previously, he modified Polly's image with a short bob and honey-toned dye. Impressive right?

Did any of the two style corrections make you consider a change for yourself? Get treated to a salon, ladies! Share this and let us know which one you liked the most.

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