Woman Undergoes A Stunning Makeover To Boost Her Self-Esteem While Getting Divorced

Date December 13, 2019 17:23

Getting gray strands to poke through your dark hair sounds like a nightmare to everyone. Embracing them is a comfortable option as you go old. However, letting the silver take over at an early age is unfair to your beauty.

There are ladies who get their first shock of gray hairs starting from age 25. They try everything possible to contain the situation, most commonly using the dye. Sooner or later, that gets laborious. Your best chance against your battle with those stubborn streaks of white is actually getting professional help. Also, another thing would be not giving up.

From distressed to dazzled

MAKEOVERGUY on Youtube is known to transform not only the looks but also the lives of women. He's changed, managed and improved many heads of hair. One more time, he's ready to inspire a broken-hearted lady.

Heather had a head full of long, lifeless and brassy hair. It was clear she wasn't taking care of herself the way this charming woman should have. She and her husband were headed for divorce, and she needed to boost her self-esteem. Christopher brightened her face by introducing warm hues in her outlook. A short bob-cut did wonder for her as well.

If her husband could see her now he'd know what's he missing out. Poetic revenge!

Another style modification

If you didn't feel impressed yet, the next one will serve the purpose. Watch one more time how MAKEOVERGUY adds peach tones in the skin and lip counter-balanced with dramatic eyes to capture a feminine, sexy, boho chic look for this lady, who is much more than an empty nester mom.

We all could use an upgrade every now and then. After all, real beauty needs queen-like treatment. Share this before you run and book an appointment for yourself.

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