Indonesian Bakers Astonish With The World's Most Elaborate Wedding Cakes, Which Are So Gigantic They Have To Transport Them By Trucks

Date November 14, 2019

If you ever wanted to surprise your guests with the most extraordinary wedding cake, we have found the bakery that will fulfill your craziest wishes – LeNovelle Cake is a family-run bakery located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and their specialty is wedding cakes.

But not only wedding cakes: They create the most epic masterpieces up to 7 meters tall. The bakery is known for designing replicas of famous Disney castles and other historical buildings. Their cakes are so gigantic that they don’t fit into a normal car so the company transports them by trucks.

But if you wish to order one of their creations, you need to cash out. The prices range from $5,000, with the most expensive cake sold for no less than $500,000.

To make just one of such elaborate deserts, up to 24 people work for over a month for 12 hours a day. Check out their best work below.

The most beautiful wedding cakes in the word

What do people think about LeNovelle Cake?

Those magnificent beauties are surely breathtaking. But can you actually eat them? Unfortunately, only the outside part is edible. Most of the intricate elements are made from styrofoam coated with fondant icing.

So what if some parts are inedible? We wouldn’t want to destroy such delicacy anyway!

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