Mom-Of-Three Was Lambasted For Spoiling Her Kids And Buying Them 350 Gifts For Christmas

Date November 4, 2019

Do you like getting presents for Christmas? Have many gifts do you usually get? Five? Seven?Ten? How about 350?

Doting mother Emma Tapping became an internet sensation after posting a photo of her Christmas tree, which was barely seen under the enormous mountain of gifts.

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Emma Tapping's Instagram: the mom posted a photo of 350 gifts

The mom-of-three from the Isle of Man cashed out almost $3000 to get 350 presents for her children. Emma and her family gained so much fame that she became a star of the documentary titled Xmas Excess: Parents Splash the Cash.

Tapping revealed that the opening of all of those presents takes a lot of time. She explained:

It normally takes about three hours to open everything. We have a break in-between and a bacon butty and a cup of tea.

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But what’s more ‘strange’ is that Emma, who runs a holiday cottage for a living, carefully wrapped each and every present. How long did it take her, you ask? She says she had began in August.

The mother says her newfound fame is not exactly pleasant as people criticize her for ‘spoiling’ her kids. And she is not lying. The internet was in shock over her Christmas spending habits.

Social media’s reaction

Some people harshly slammed Emma saying that her children will grow up disrespectful with no sense of the value of money. Others said that they won’t even remember the first ten gifts and won’t appreciate half of them.

A user named @perkypotato called the mom-of-three 'selfish' by saying:

But why???? Lacking terrible self-confidence to do this for “likes” & selfish as well. Homeless children be damned, right? I guess the true meaning of Christmas is lost on you.

Another user, @patre_lo, agreed, saying that it would be better to donate half of those presents to kids in need.

But is it actually a good thing to give your kids so many presents?

Can too many gifts spoil children?

How to choose gifts and how many gifts will be enough? According to, new research shows that giving too many presents to kids can create problems for them in the future.

Our research suggests that children who receive many material rewards from their parents will likely continue rewarding themselves with material goods when they are grown - well into adulthood - and this could be problematic

Mom-Of-Three Was Lambasted For Spoiling Her Kids And Buying Them 350 Gifts For ChristmasRoman Samborskyi /

Children, who are accustomed to receiving gifts can often fail to develop good work habits and will not appreciate what they get, as well as what they already have.

So how to pick gifts? The best gifts for kids don't come from a store. Think of homemade gifts and DIY for kids to create something really unique.

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