Full-Time Job Is Not In His "Psyche": Father-Of-3 Lives In Social Housing, Believes In Child-Led Parenting And Is Okay With It

Date November 26, 2019 13:30

Matt and Adele Allen lead quite an unusual lifestyle with their 3 children and practice a controversial "off-grid" parenting style. In 2016, the family caused a storm on This Morning when daughter Ostara, then one, urinated on the set of This Morning while the family was being interviewed.

The family continues to shock people with their choices and attitude to life.

Dad of 3 finds full-time work as it's "not in his psyche"

In Stacey Dooley’s new documentary for the W channel, Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, she meets their children – who co-sleep with their parents, do not attend school, decide what they eat themselves, have no fixed bedtime and aren’t allowed mainstream medicine.

Yet, the most shocking thing is that Matt Allen, the father who lives in social housing and believes in child-led parenting has insisted he has "no intention" of finding full-time work as it’s "not in his psyche".

Matt lives with his wife Adele and their three children in Brighton and works few hours a week as a yoga teacher.

The father-of-three feels it’s more important that him and his wife, a full-time mother, are at home with their children rather than working – however, he doesn’t feel he’s abusing the system because his family has a "minimalist impact on society".

In the documentary, Stacey asked:

"How do you do it all Matt, is it all benefits?"

He responded:

"Mostly, mostly, but we claim the very bottom line."

Parenting is a difficult job with no clear instructions for doing it “right.” After all, the best way to raise a child is to become a role model for them!

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