Mother-In-Law Tries To Expose Father-Of-Seven After He Asked People For Financial Help

Date January 21, 2020

A mother-in-law is speaking out after her jobless son-in-law, who was living on benefits, decided to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to care for his family.

People who rely on benefits have always given the impression to some that they are freeloaders. However, this lifestyle isn't as convenient as some might think. A few of those experiencing this on a daily basis once shared their stories with The Guardian.

One of them explained that one of the worst parts was the "humiliating" feeling of having to go to the work center and another, a parent, said that this wasn't the life he chose as it was something that could happen to anyone.

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Unemployment is tough, especially when one has a family to care for. In fact, one study showed that many children whose parents experienced unemployment are likely to have lower life satisfaction between the ages of 18 and 31.

Mother-in-law slams son-in-law's GoFundMe page

A jobless father named Ryan Rodgers got on the wrong side of his wife's mother after a fundraising page was set up in hopes of raising money to care for his family.

Ryan and his wife Jenny Grimes were relying on food banks to feed themselves and their seven children after their benefits were capped. They reportedly managed to raise over $5000 +from the page.

Shelly Grattan, Jenny's mother, believed that Ryan was actually a lazy man who just didn't want to work.

In an interview with DailyMail, Shelly said:

Ryan is a feckless liar who is trying to con the public into giving him money.

She asked those who donated money to demand it back as Ryan had addiction problems and that was where all the money would go. Jenny's sister spoke out as well. She revealed that Ryan was bad news and the public should ignore his sob story.

Shelly also believed that the only reason why they had seven young children was that Ryan didn't allow Shelly to use contraceptives.

I don't think any of the children were planned.

On their fundraising page, Jenny and Ryan, whose family is on benefits, described themselves as a "young couple" trying to get back on their feet.

We feel really ashamed to have to do this as we've never had to do anything like this before. I hate to have to do this and it's took a lot for me to actually do it but there is only so much we can do as a family.

Tips for finding a job

Getting employment isn't easy. According to TheMuse, if you find yourself in this position, some of the things you might want to consider include creating an easy-to-understand resume, ensuring you follow leads offline as well as online and making sure your Linkedin profile is relevant and updated.

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It's tough to watch your family struggle when you can barely make ends meet so one can understand Ryan and Jenny's desperation. Hopefully, the money that they have been able to raise will go to good use and will benefit the children greatly. And we also hope they will find an opportunity to provide for the whole family.